Vehicle Battery Charger Dual USB Output LM2596 Buck Converter

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Vehical Battery Charger Dual USB Output LM2596 Buck Converter

Dual USB Output DC-DC Step Down Buck Power Module 9V/12V/24V/36V to 5V USB 3A for Vehicle Charger LM2596 ,DIY Mobile Power Supply, 5V output for charging Phone, MP3, MP4, PSP or powering Arduino, Pi etc

Note: Please observe correct polarity as printed on the bottom of the module:- IN+, IN- or the module will be damaged


Input: 6V-40V Output: 5V / 3A (MAX) Efficiency: 92% (MAX) Switching frequency: 150KHZ Working temperature: -40 ℃ – + 85 ℃ Baby Size: L: 59mm x W: 21mm x H: 17mm Load capacity: Maximum output 3A Applications: mobile power, mobile phones, USB powered devices. Output Port: Double USB

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Imran Bajwa - March 26, 2021

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