Support Unit FK-12 In Lahore Pakistan

Support Unit FK-12 In Lahore Pakistan

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The Support Unit is compactly designed to accommodate the space in the installation site. As the bearing is provided with an appropriately adjusted preload, the Support Unit can be assembled with a Ball Screw unit with no further machining. Accordingly, the required man-hours in assembly can be reduced and the assembly accuracy can be increased.

  1. Type: Bearing seat
  2. Inner Diameter: 12mm
  3. Material: 45 # Steel
  4. Accuracy: C7
Model No. Shaft diameterd L H F E D A P.C.D. B L1 T1 d1 d2 i M T FK12 12 29 13 16 29.5 36 54 44 44 5.5 5 4.5 8 6 M12X1.0 19 15

Package Include:

1x Support Unit FK-12

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sohaib - March 26, 2021

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