Rechargeable Li-ion battery 32650 3.2V 5000mah LiFePO4 5C
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Rechargeable Li-ion battery 32650 3.2V 5000mah LiFePO4 5C

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3.2V 32650 battery 5000mah rechargeable LiFePO4 cell can be used with solar light, Electric bike (e-bike) This battery pack is fitted with a screw connect electric power tool. This rechargeable battery has higher energy density and lighter weight, excellent cycle life, and low internal resistance,


Battery Type: Lifepo4 Nominal Capacity: 5Ah 5000mah Nominal Voltage: 3.7v Battery Dimension: 32.5 x 70 mm (W x H) Battery Weight: About 145g Internal Resistance: less than 15 m ohms Cycle life: More than 1000 times, DOD at 80% Combination: Can be 3s 4s 8s 10s 13s , etc Input Charging Voltage 3.65v/cell Input Charging Current 3A Continuous Discharging Current 25A Max Current Discharge 6C Discharge cut-off Voltage 2.50v/cell Charging Temperature: 0~45Centigrade Discharging temperature: -20~80Centigrade Storage temperature: -20~45Centigrade


  1. High energy density
  2. Long cycle life
  3. Wide application
  4. High discharge rate
  5. Safety: Excellent abuse tolerance and environmentally friendly
  6. Life: Excellent calendar and cycle life


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Package includes:

  • 1x LiFePO4 Battery

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Bazil Riaz - March 26, 2021

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