Pm100rla-060 Mitsubishi Module PM100RLA060 In Pakistan

Pm100rla-060 Mitsubishi Module PM100RLA060 In Pakistan

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APPLICATION General-purpose inverter, servo drives, and other motor controls. NOTES FOR STABLE AND SAFE OPERATION ; •Design the PCB pattern to minimize wiring length between opto-coupler and IPM’s input terminal, and also to minimize the stray capacity between the input and output wirings of opto-coupler. •Connect low impedance capacitor between the Vcc and GND terminal of each fast switching opto-coupler. •Fast switching opto-couplers: tPLH, tPHL ≤ 0.8µs, Use High CMR type. •Slow switching opto-coupler: CTR > 100% •Use 4 isolated control power supplies (VD). Also, care should be taken to minimize the instantaneous voltage charge of the power supply. •Make inductance of DC bus line as small as possible, and minimize surge voltage using snubber capacitor between P and N terminal. •Use line noise filter capacitor (ex. 4.7nF) between each input AC line and ground to reject common-mode noise from AC line and improve noise immunity of the system. DATASHEET

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