Outdoor Transformer 12V 200W For LED Landscape Lighting

Outdoor Transformer 12V 200W For LED Landscape Lighting

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This Outdoor LED 12v dc power supply / Transformer has a 200 – 240AC input and 12VDC output. Rainproof Outdoor 12v Transformer For Landscape Lights can be used to connect large amounts of LED Lights, LED Light Ribbons, RGB LED lighting and any other 12VDC Constant Voltage LED Lighting products, special for

  • landscape lighting
  • . Landscape lighting is needed in many residential and commercial areas. Whether it just be small security lights, pathway markers, or just added accent lighting around the grounds.

    Features Of 12V transformer outdoor lighting:

    1. With short circuit protection, overload protection, and stable output voltage
      1. Weatherproof aluminum shell
      2. Built-in EMI Filter
      3. High efficiency and low temperature
      4. 100% load tested
      5. Direct wire screw terminals, single rail output, three sets of output terminals.
      6. Mounting tabs on top with two holes allow easy mounting
      7. Automatic cutoff when overloaded with auto-reset
      8. CE, ROHS, and EMC approved.

      Specifications Of 12v
    2. landscape lighting
    3. Outdoor transformer:

      1. Weatherproof aluminum shell
      2. Protection Rating: IP53
      3. Input Power: 200/240VAC (can also be configured for 110/120V operation)
      4. Output Current: 16.6 Amps of power at 12 volts DC
      5. Output Power: 200 watts
      6. Connection Type: Direct wire screw terminal block
      7. Power Input Terminals: 3 (Ground, N-Neutral, L-Load/Hot)
      8. Power Output Terminals: 4 (+,+,-,-) [single rail]

      Recommended Uses:

      1. All types of strip lights
      2. led lighting
      3. led display
      4. landscape lighting
      5. CCTV security cameras


      2. 16 AWG copper wire is recommended for the AC input
      3. The DC wire needs to be appropriately sized for the load

      Package Include:

      1x Outdoor Transformer 12V DC For LED Landscape Lighting

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