Stepper Motor

NEMA17 Stepper Motor Mounting Bracket NEMA17 Fitting

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This is NEMA17 Stepper Motor Mounting Bracket NEMA17 Fitting for CNC, 3d printer, plotter, and other stepper motor applications. You have a stepper motor, but you need to attach it to your CNC project, eh? Not so easy if you don't have a stepper motor mount just like this fine one here! This mount will fit any NEMA-17 motor (with 31mm hole spacing) with four screws. There are two 30mm long slots, 30mm apart so you can easily attach them. Made of steel with welded 90-degree support triangles, its got a solid construction

Typical Application of This Stepper Motor Fitting.

  1. Printers
  2. CNC machines
  3. 3D printers
  4. Laser devices
  5. Robots

Note: Stepper Motor Not Included in this price.

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Abdullah - March 26, 2021