KADA 850G Gas Compressor For Natural Gas

KADA 850G Gas Compressor For Natural Gas

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KADA 850G Gas Compressor is an air, gas compressor, sucker machine. This Gas Compressor sucks air or gas and provides full pressure. Mostly it is used to increase gas pressure. High Quality, Low Power Consumption and Good Results.

Features of KADA 850G Gas Compressor:

  1. Best For Gas Load Shedding.
  2. Get Full Gas Pressure With This Machine When No Gas In Your Area.
  3. Perfect Solution For Low Gas Problem.
  4. 2 Gas Stove + Heater Easily Work.
  5. With Safety Option (Safe Mode).
  6. Adjustable Gas Pressure Controller.
  7. Variable Allow You To Set on Desired Pressure.
  8. Long Heavy Wire.

Specifications of KADA 850G Gas Compressor:

  1. Input: 220v Direct.
  2. Feature: Cool / Hot Air
  3. Approximate Power: 100W
  4. Rated Voltage: 220V
  5. Rated Output Power: 100W
  6. Approx Weight: 2kg

Package Includes:

1 x KADA 850G Gas Compressor

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