FP5138 Boost controller IC

FP5138 Boost controller IC

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General Description Download ?The FP5138 is a boost topology switching regulator control IC for battery-used applications field. The FP5138 includes a totem-pole single output stage for driving NPN transistor or N-MOS, high precision reference (0.5V) for comparing output voltage with feedback amplifier, an internal dead-time control for controlling the minimum duty cycle, programmable soft start with short circuit protection function and logic level control for operating mode or standby mode. ?Data Sheet ?Application Note ? Features ?Wide supply voltage operating range: 1.8 to 15V ?Reference voltage precision: 4% ?Low current consumption:? ?Operation Mode 5.5mA? ?Standby-by Mode 1?A ?High speed oscillator frequency: 1MHz max. ?Programmable Soft Start function (SS) ?Short Circuit Protection function(SCP) ?Totem-pole output with adjustable on/off current (for NPN transistors or n-channel MOSFET) ?Logic level control stand-by mode function ?Package: SOP8/TSSOP8/MSOP8/SOP8(EP) ? Typical Application Circuits

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