Focusable 500mw 405nm Infrared IR Laser Diode Dot Module 12v Adujstable TTL Fan
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Focusable 500mw 405nm Infrared IR Laser Diode Dot Module 12v Adujstable TTL Fan

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This 405nm laser module with driver is an industrial electronic component and used for industrial testament, Lab etc. The laser module is and precise and sensitive optical instrument. Before carrying on some laser DIY activities, please read about the technical information first and protect your eyes before laser ray.


  1. Laser head size: 65mm x 34mm x 34mm
  2. Circuit Board size: 72mm x 40mm
  3. Wavelength: 405nm
  4. Output power: 500mW
  5. Laser shape: Dot
  6. Focusable: YES
  7. Modulation frequency: Adjustable TTL modulation
  8. Working: It Can be 24 hours continuous and stable work
  9. Finish Color: Black
  10. Case Material: Aluminum
  11. The circuits control: constant current
  12. Reverse polarity protection: with automatically identify the positive and negative
  13. Operating voltage: DC = 12V
  14. Warm-up time: None
  15. Operating Temperature: -10 ℃ ~ +40 ℃
  16. Storage temperature: -10 ℃ ~ +40 ℃

Package Included:

1 x Red Laser Module


For the instrument set, construction, military, factory, health care (beauty instrument), Kam pseudo-security, stage lighting, tools, U disk, mobile phone, projection teaching flip pen, flashlight, temperature measurement (ranging) Locator, sweep instrument, marking instrument, level, toys, indoor and outdoor decoration and other products.

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waleed - March 26, 2021

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