Barrier Terminal Block 6 Pin (WJ55C-B)
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Barrier Terminal Block 6 Pin (WJ55C-B)

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Overview of Barrier Terminal Block 6 Pin (WJ55C-B):

Featuring many screw terminals, barrier strips are junction unit to connect two or more cables without the need for plugs. Future Electronics brings you an exclusive collection of terminal blocks and barrier strips to support a broad range of wire-to-board and wire-to-wire configurations. We offer single row barrier strips, dual-row barrier strips, standard terminal strips and more to choose from. Our barrier strips are categorized by style, number of poles, wire gauge and termination for easy selection.

Specifications of Barrier Terminal Block 6 Pin (WJ55C-B):

  1. Type: Barrier Terminal Block
  2. Model Number: WJ55C-B
  3. Pin Header: Brass,Tin Plated
  4. Rated Voltage: 300V
  5. Rated Current: 20A
  6. Insulation Resistance: Milli-Ohm/DC500V
  7. Withstanding Voltage: AC2000V/1Min
  8. Wire Range: 22-12AWG 4mm^2
  9. Temperature Range: -40 to 105 Degree Centigrade
  10. Torque: 1.2Nm

Package Includes:

  • 1 x 6 Pin Barrier Terminal Block (WJ55C-B)

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