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DESCRIPTION aP89341/170/085 series high performance Voice OTP is fabricated with Standard CMOS process with embedded 8M/4M/2M bits EPROM. It can store up to 341/170/85 sec voice message with 4-bit ADPCM compression at 6KHz sampling rate. 8-bit PCM is also available as user selectable option. Three trigger modes, simple Key trigger mode, Parallel CPU trigger mode and CPU serial command mode, facilitate different user interface. User selectable triggering and output signal options provide maximum flexibility to various applications. Built-in resistor controlled oscillator, 8-bit current mode D/A output and PWM direct speaker driving output minimize the number of external components. PC controlled programmer and developing software are available.

FEATURES · Standard CMOS process. · Embedded 8M/4M/2M EPROM. · 341/170/85 sec Voice Length at 6KHz sampling and 4-bit ADPCM compression. · Maximum 254 voice groups. · Combination of voice blocks to extend playback duration. · 7680 table entries are available for voice block combinations. · User selectable PCM or ADPCM data compression · Three triggering modes are available (controlled byM1 and M0 input pins): - Key Trigger Mode (M1=0, M0=0) - S1 ~ S8 to trigger up to 32 voice groups; SBT to trigger up to 254 voice groups sequentially. - CPU Parallel Trigger Mode (M1=0, M0=1) – S[8:1] services as 8-bits address to trigger up to 254 voice groups with SBT goes HIGH to strobe the address bits. - CPU Serial Command Mode (M1=1, M0=0) – user commands are clocked serially into the chip which enable user to fully control the operation of the chip. · Voice Group Trigger Options: Edge / Level; Hold / Un-hold; Retrigger / Non-retrigger. · Whole Chip Options: Ramp / No-ramp; Output Options; Long / Short debounce time. · Optional 16ms or 65us (@ 8KHz sampling rate) selectable debounce time · RST pin set to HIGH to stop the playback at once · Three user programmable outputs for STOP pulse, BUSY signal and flashing LED. · Built-in oscillator to control sampling frequency with an external resistor · 2.2V – 3.6V single power supply and < 5uA low stand-by current · PWM Vout1 and Vout2 drive speaker directly · D/A COUT pin drives speaker through an external BJT · Development System support voice compilation.

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Umer Ali - March 26, 2021

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