5V 30A 2-channel relay module
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5V 30A 2-channel relay module

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The relay module is a separate hardware device used for remote device switching. With it, you can remotely control devices over a network or the Internet. This 5V 30A 2-channel relay modules with optocoupler isolation compatible with trigger High and Low trigger for smart home, PLC automation control.


  1. Using FR-4PCB double-sided board
  2. With high power relay, controls the load up to 30 A
  3. With each optocoupler insulation, anti-interference capability
  4. 9500 black terminals, more convenient for high current wiring
  5. Each circuit has a relay in the LED indication
  6. The modules comply with international safety standards with insulation slots in the control and load areas


  1. PLC automation equipment control
  2. Industrial Systems control
  3. Internet of things control
  4. smart home control
  5. Development Experience of electronic hobbyists and all kinds of circuit modification


  1. Supply voltage: 5V
  2. Standby Current: 5mA
  3. Maximum operating current: 190mA / 80mA / 50mA
  4. Shooting mode: low trigger, high trigger
  5. Charging voltage: DC 30V or AC 250V
  6. Charging current: 30A
  7. Relay life: more than 100,000 times

Voltage Rate:

  1. 5V low trigger module: 0-2VDC relay on (on), 3-5 VDC relay off (off)
  2. 12V low trigger module: 0-5 VDC relay on (on), 6-12 VDC relay off (off)
  3. 24V low trip module: 0-12VDC relay on, 13-24VDC relay off.
  4. 05V high trip module, 3.3-5VDC relay (on), 0-2.5vdc relay off (off)
  5. 12V trigger module: 6-12 VDC relay (on), 0-5 VDC relay off (off)
  6. 24V high trip module: 12-24 Vdc relay (on), 0-8.5vdc relay off (off)

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Package Includes:

1 x 5V 30A 2-channel relay module

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