3mm White Heat Shrinkable Sleeve (5 meter)
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3mm White Heat Shrinkable Sleeve (5 meter)

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3mm White Heat Shrinkable Sleeve (5 meter)IN PAKISTAN BR2561

White Heat Shrink Tube 3mm Diameter Shrink Tube Shrink Wrap Cable Wire Sleeve


  1. Shrink ratio: 2:1 (maximum will shrink to 1/2 of its supplied diameter)
  2. Operating temperature range: -55 degrees ~ 125 degrees
  3. Rated voltage: 600 V
  4. Cutting method: Scissors or sharp knife
  5. This product has a 2:1 shrink ratio and is up to 600 V, 125 Centigrade.


The item is mainly used for wire connection, joint protection welding, electronic device, protection and insulation treatment, metal protection surface, etc

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