12mm Heat Shrink Sleeve Transparent Industrial Grade
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12mm Heat Shrink Sleeve Transparent Industrial Grade

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Heat Shrink Sleeve Transparent Industrial Grade are excellent for insulation. They have exceptional insulation characteristics, excellent stress control properties; long-term weather and regular wear and tear resistance, ease of installation and reliable performance in even in harshest of the situations.

These High performance 2:1 heat shrink material tubes, bundles, and protects cables; wire and hoses are used for a wide range of DIY applications. It is used extensively for cable and wire harnessing, strain relief, insulation, color-coding, identification, and protection.

Simply a great way to create a Flexible, Heat Resistant and Waterproof tight joint. Just slide a slightly larger tube at the desired location and apply heat through a cigarette lighter, or a heat gun; for about 10 seconds and the tube will shrink down and will hold the joint tightly.


  1. Color: Transparent, Material: Polyethylene, Shrink Ratio: 3:1
  2. Adhesive Adheres to Most plastics, metals, rubber, Continuous Operating Temp: -45C up to +145C
  3. Longitudinal Shrinkage (Lengthwise): Less than 8 %, Insulating Voltage Capability: 600 volts
  4. 1 Year Warranty. Resistant to Salt water, Oil, Gasoline, Diesel Fuel, and more.

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