TL431 Regulator

TL431 Regulator

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TL431 Regulator is three terminal programmable shunt regulator diodes.TL431 Regulator operate as a low temperature coefficient zener which is programmable from Vref to 36 V with two external resistors.

Datasheet Link For TL431 Regulator:

TL431 Regulator Specifications:

Output Voltage

Upto 36V

Voltage Reference Tolerance


Output Impedance

0.22 Ω

Current Capability

1.0 mA to 100 mA

TL431 Regulator Features:

  1. Low Output Noise Voltage
  2. Temperature Compensated for Operation over Full Rated Operating Temperature Range
  3. Low Dynamic

    Output Impedance

  4. Can be used as either positive or negative voltage reference

TL431 Regulator Applications:

  1. Digital Voltmeters, Power Supplies, and OP AMP Circuitry

Package Includes:

  • 1 x TL431 Regulator

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