Optical Axis 350mm x 8mm Smooth Rods Linear Shaft Rail

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Overview of Optical Axis 350mm Smooth Rods:

Optical Axis 350mm Smooth Rods 8mm Linear Shaft Rail 3D Printers parts,guide slide used in Arduino CNC and Arduino 3D Printers,Arduino Plotters and many other hobbies and professional projects.

Specifications of Optical Axis Smooth Rod:

  1. Material: Carbon Steel
  2. Diameter: 8mm
  3. Length: 350mm

Features of Optical Axis Smooth Rod:

  1. 8mm chromed smooth rod steel linear rail shaft for CNC 3D Printer
  2. The rod compatible with SC8UU Linear slider and SK8 support frame.
  3. The rod compatible with LM8UU linear bearing and SK8 support frame.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Optical Axis 350mm Smooth Rod

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Adeel - March 26, 2021

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