Linear Bearing Slide Rail CNC Router

Linear Bearing Slide Rail CNC Router

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This is linear bearing from IKO Japan also called Slide Rail model no LWL15 B for CNC Router, 3d printers, and other precise applications. A linear-motion bearing or linear slide is a bearing designed to provide free motion in one direction. There are many different types of linear motion bearings. Motorized linear slides such as machine slides, X-Y tables, roller tables and some dovetail slides are bearings moved by drive mechanisms.

IKO Standard Linear Bearings Slide Rail LWL15 B CNC Router Cart 76×1.5cm /w 1 Block

  1. MFR : IKO
  2. Model : LWL15 B
  3. Dimensions:
  4. Length: 96cm.
  5. Width: 1.5cm
  6. Height=10mm

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Bazil Riaz - March 26, 2021

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