58mm Omni Wheel Universal Wheel
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58mm Omni Wheel Universal Wheel

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The Omni wheel is robust, durable and consists of a double row wheel that provides easy 360 movements, with rotational and sideways maneuverability.


  1. Brand: Small Hammer
  2. Product: Omni Wheel
  3. Materials: ABS+Rubber
  4. Outside Diameter: 58MM
  5. Inside Diameter: 13mm
  6. Bearing Weight: About 3kg
  7. Application: For RC Robot Car


1* Omni Wheel as shown in this image

Here are some application images of this product.

Brief introduction of Omni-wheel Omni-directional wheels are unique as they are able to roll freely in two directions .It can ether roll like a normal wheel or roll laterally using the wheels along its circumference.Omni-direction wheels allow a robot to convert from a non-holonomic to a holonomic robot.A non-holonomic robot that uses normal wheels has only 2 out of 3 controllable degrees-of-freedom which are, moving forward/backwards and rotation.Not being able to move side ways makes a robot slower and less efficient in reaching its given goal. The holonomic omni-directional wheels are able to overcome this problem,as it it a highly maneuverable. Unlike a normal non-holonomic robot,the holonomic omni-directional robot can move in an arbitrary direction continuously without changing the direction of the wheels.It can move back and forth,slidewaysmand rotates at the same position.

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Umer Riaz - March 26, 2021

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