33nF Capacitor, 333 33nF
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33nF Capacitor, 333 33nF

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Capacitor code table

European capacitor material codes

FKC = metal foil and polycarbonate FKP = metal foil and polypropylene MKC = metallized polycarbonate foil MKI = metallized polyphenylene sulphide MKP = metallized polypropylene MKS = polystyrene (metallized or with foil) MKT = metallized polyester foil

Decoding capacitor codes

Looking at our capacitor we will see its marked 474J, this should be read as follows, 47 times the value that can be found in

Table 1

corresponding to the 3rd number, in this case 10000. 47 * 10000 = 470000 pF = 470 nF = 0.47 uF with the J meaning a 5% tolerance. A second letter will be a temperature coefficient if its present. Judging by a capacitors size and type, you will quickly learn to determine if the value on the capacitor is given in pF, nF or uF.

If a capacitor is f.ex. marked 2A474J, the capacitance is decoded as described above, the two first signs is the voltage rating and can be decoded from table 2 here below. 2A is 100VDC rating according to the EIA standard.

Some capacitors are only marked 0.1 or 0.01, mostly in these cases the values are given in uF.

Some small capacitance capacitors can be marked with a R between numbers, f.ex. 3R9 where R is a indicator of values below 10pF and have nothing to do with resistance. 3R9 would be 3.9pF.

Table 1

3rd number Multiply with Letter Tolerance 0 1 D 0.5pF 1 10 F 1% 2 100 G 2% 3 1,000 H 3% 4 10,000 J 5% 5 100,000 K 10% 6 1,000,000 M 20% 7 Not used M 20% 8 0.01 P 100%/-0% 9 0.1 Z 80%/-20%

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