2N6027 UJT Programmable Uni junction Transistor

2N6027 UJT Programmable Uni junction Transistor

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Designed to enable the engineer to “program’’ unijunction characteristics such as RBB, , IV, and IP by merely selecting two resistor values. Application includes thyristor−trigger, oscillator, pulse and timing circuits. These devices may also be used in special thyristor applications due to the availability of an anode gate. Supplied in an inexpensive TO−92 plastic package for high−volume requirements, this package is readily adaptable for use in automatic insertion equipment. Features

• Programmable − RBB, , IV and IP • Low On−State Voltage − 1.5 V Maximum @ IF = 50 mA • Low Gate to Anode Leakage Current − 10 nA Maximum • High Peak Output Voltage − 11 V Typical • Low Offset Voltage − 0.35 V Typical (RG = 10 k) • Pb−Free Packages are Available*

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Adnan Khalid - March 26, 2021

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