12x12x53x110mm 4 Flute HSS End Mill Cutter with Super Hard Straight Shank Hot

12x12x53x110mm 4 Flute HSS End Mill Cutter with Super Hard Straight Shank Hot

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An end mill is a type of milling cutter, a cutting tool used in industrial milling applications. It is distinguished from the drill bit in its application, geometry, and manufacture. While a drill bit can only cut in the axial direction, a milling bit can generally cut in all directions, though some cannot cut axially.

  1. - High-speed steel material, high hardness, abrasion resistance, high-speed cutting.
  2. -Can mill
    1. wood
    2. ,
    3. plastic
    4. ,
    5. aluminum plate, etc.
  3. -Can directly process or fine processing to the heat treatment mold
  4. -Appropriate for the CNC data processing center, high-speed, carved machines
  5. -Reduce the number of tool changes, improve the speed of the machine's actuator movement, save the mold a long time ago
  6. Material: HSS-AL
  7. Siding: None
  8. Type: End Mill
  1. cutting,
    1. cutting,
    2. grooving,
    3. milling,
    4. hollow cutting
    Suitable Material:
    1. wood
    2. plastic
    3. aluminum plate, etc.
    1. Blade diameter: 12mm
    2. Shank diameter: 12mm Shank
    3. Shank length: 53mm
    4. Total length: 110mm
    Use tools:
    1. To obtain a better cutting surface and extend the useful life of the tool. Be sure to use high precision, high rigidity, and dynamic balance.
    2. Before using this tool, please measure the deviation of the tool. When the deviation of the tool is greater than 0.01mm, please correct and then cut.
    3. The shorter the cutter extension, the better. If the extension of the tool is too long, please adjust the speed of the tool, and feed the speed or the amount of cut.
    4. If vibration or abnormal sound occurs during
      1. cutting,
      2. reduce the spindle speed and the amount of cutting until the situation improves.
      3. The steel is cooled by sprinkler or jet as the best way to maximize the effect of high aluminum titanium. Stainless steel, titanium alloys or heat-resistant alloys are recommended for use with cutting fluids not soluble in water.
      4. The above data are for reference only, and the cut condition is stable according to the influence of the workpiece, machine, and software
      Package Include:

      1X12x12x53x110mm 4 Flute HSS End Mill Cutter with Super Hard Straight Shank Hot

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