ZH 303 1000mw Rechargeable Green Laser Pen Pointer in Pakistan

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Rs.950 Rs. 1188

This green laser light is adjustable, portable, stylish. The ranges are from 0 to 60mm It comes with Keylock switch to prevent misuse by other people.

  1. It can be operated by One 16340 battery or One 18650 battery
  2. Great for pointing objects from long distance
  3. Rank: class 111A
  4. Material: hard aluminum
  5. Extremely Visible green light beam in the dark
  6. Wavelength: 532nm 650nm
  7. Output power: 100mw
  8. Start-up time: 10 seconds
  9. Working voltage: DC 3.7 V
  10. Power saving, compact and reliable

The laser is harmful to the human eye, please don't direct peoples eyes, Please save place cannot come into contact with the local children

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Haroon Khalid - March 26, 2021

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