USB Current Voltage Detector VI01 Xtar

USB Current Voltage Detector VI01 Xtar

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Most chargers and power banks come with factory-measured voltage and current outputs, but these assessments may not always be entirely precise. When accuracy and precision are vital, the VI01 USB Voltage / Current Detector by Xtar will ensure that you have the most accurate measurement of your device's voltage and current output. Accurate to within 0.02 Volts or 0.02 Amps, this conveniently-sized Voltage current Meter has one end that plugs right into the output port of your charger or power bank while your mobile device plugs into the opposite end of the VI01. Once all connected, the Xtar VI01 battery detector High precision Display will begin to display both the voltage and the current of the USB output, rotating between the two measurements every 5 seconds. Never have another doubt about the exact voltage and current of your USB output charging device again with the VI01 USB Current / Voltage Detector.

Features Of XTAR VI01 USB Battery Voltage Current Detector Indicator Tester:

  • It is a current and voltage meter to use in a USB connection.
  • Compact and easy to use: Just plug! The LCD detector shows the voltage and current
  • Able to measure the precise voltage (during 4.5V-6.0V) of any battery charger or power bank with a USB output
  • Able to measure the precise current (during 0.0A-2.5A) of any battery charger or power bank with a USB output
  • Updating every 5 seconds: LCD display shows the updated voltage and current every 5 seconds

Specifications Of USB Current Voltage LCD Monitor Tester Mobile Power Detector:

  1. Brand: Xtar
  2. Model: VI01
  3. Color: Black
  4. There is a USB connector in each end, one male, one female
  5. Display precision: ±0.02V / ±0.02A
  6. Voltage: 4.5V-6.0V
  7. Current: 0A-2.5A
  8. Dimensions: 21mm x 4.5mm x 64.5mm
  9. Weight: 8.5g

Xtar VI01 USB tester Review/Test

Package Include:

  • 1x Voltage/current USB Tester

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