Solar Charge Controller (CS2024Z) In Lahore Pakistan

Solar Charge Controller (CS2024Z) In Lahore Pakistan

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Overview of Solar Charge Controller:

A solar charge controller is basically a current or a voltage controller to charge the battery and to protect the cells from overcharging. It directs the current and voltage comes from the solar panels to charge the battery.

Specification of Solar Charge Controller:

  1. Rated voltage: 12/24V AUTO
  2. Charge current: 20A/30A/40A/50A/60A
  3. Max solar input: 12V battery, the highest 23V;24V battery whenYhe highest 46V
  4. Battery Over Voltage Protection: 16.5V
  5. Float charge: 13.8V (defaul.adjustable)
  6. Discharge stop: 11 .OV (defaul,adjustable)
  7. Discharge reconnect: 12.6V (defaul,adjustable)
  8. Charge reconnect: 13V
  9. Voltage of open light: Solar panel 8V(Light lights delay)
  10. Voltage of close light:Solar panel 8V(Light off delay)
  11. Terminal Scale:28-10 AWG
  12. Self-consume:<12mA
  13. Operating temperature:-35~+60℃
  14. Color:Orange

Features of Solar Charge Controller:

  1. Build-in short-circuit protection,open-circuit protection,reverse protection,over-load protection.
  2. Dual USB output,to support mobile phone charging.
  3. Accurate temperature compensation,correct charging and discharging voltage,automatically prolong the service life of the battery.
  4. Input terminal positive and negative extreme reverse connection protection.

Package Include:

1x Solar Charge Controller (CS2024Z)

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