HD-U62 LED Screen Control Card U-Disk Controller Card

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Product name: HD-U62 LED Screen Control Card U-Disk Controller Card Single color: 512*64. 1536*16 Pixels; Dual color: 256*64; 1024*16 Pixels; Seven-color: 320*32. 512*16 Pixels; Load range: 512w*64H Widest: 1536 Highest: 64 Onboard 2 groups HUB08, 4 groups HUB12, Communication: USB port; Features: 1. Support all languages(Software :HD2016) 2. Support 7 color effects and 64 colors Gray level(HD-U62/HD-U63/HD-U64) 3. Add Animation,Background ,Smart setting ,Area overlapping.Showing Text,Photo,Time, Clock etc 4. Add Count down/up,Count by Button;Digital Count 5. Add Text Rotation of 90° 180° 270° for Vertical display 6. Add payment collection function 7. Updated program by U-disk 8. Support 1000pcs Programs and 8 Districts 9. More than 200 types showing effects 10. Support Second develop SDK 11. More high brightness,more moving speed ,more refresh 12. Support Remote function,temperature,humidity,brightness etc. Remoter can select1-999 Programs 13. HD-UU62/U63/U64 support Pharmacy cross signs

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