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Car MP3 player with fm modulator TM-90 with charger in pakistan

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Car MP3 player with fm modulator TM-90 with charger:

FM transmitter/modulator mp3 player for car TM-90 /mobile car charger

MP3 player with FM transmitter (modulator) for a car is a device by which you can listen to music in the MP3 format even though your car radio does not support this format. Of course, you must have a radio in the car as a latch connector, a voltage source of 12 V.

This transmitter emits a (like a small radio station) signal with music and this signal captures the car radio antenna because you have previously set the two devices to the same frequencies. So music is heard on car speakers. The transmitter itself does not have memory, but it has the ability to attach memory with music files: USB FLASH, SD, and TF card


– Supports MP3 audio format – LCD display – Power supply via auto-ignition (12V / 24V DC) – Total 206 available frequencies, from 87.5MHz to 108MHz – Supports USB flash drive / SD and TF card slot – Remote control

– Color: Black

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Ahmed Khurshid - March 26, 2021

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