Arduino Infrared JPEG Color Camera Module
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Arduino Infrared JPEG Color Camera Module

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LS-Y201-TTL-INFRARED is LinkSprite's new generation serial port camera module. It can captures high resolution pictures using the serial port. LS-Y201 is a modular design that outputs JPEG images through UART, and can be easily integrated into existing design.

The infrared feature has an built-in light sensor to sense the ambient light and will automatically turn on the infrared LED.


  1. VGA/QVGA/160*120 resolution
  2. Support capture JPEG from serial port
  3. Default baud rate of serial port is 38400
  4. DC 3.3V or 5v power supply
  5. Size 32mm X 32mm
  6. Current consumption: 80-100mA
  7. The pin near C03 is AV output pin, which is an analog output pin.


  1. Different image capture systems
  2. Environmental monitoring
  3. Industry monitoring
  4. Medical equipment
  5. Video phone
  6. Security
  7. Vehicle based GPS


    • User Manual
    • Imaging Specs
    • Arduino Code
    • Product Video

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