2X50W Dual Sound Digital Amplifier Board 24V 100W In Pakistan

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1 Finger size, suitable for small space embedded, output more than 30W need to add heat sink. 2 Boot annoying POP sound. 3 amplifier work no current sound. Try to enter the wire is not clear. If there is a noise / current sound signal input, the noise signal will be amplified. 4 CS control shutdown current is only 0.4mA. Power-on quiescent current 28mA. 5 High gain amplification (36DB). Very suitable for weak signal amplification, eliminating the need to increase pre-amplifier reduce costs. Computer audio input amplifier must be changed to 20DB gain use. 6 With output short circuit protection. Troubleshooting immediately resume normal work. 7 A variety of product pins and size is fully compatible

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Almeer - March 26, 2021

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