2500V Insulation Resistance Tester Meter ZC11D-10

2500V Insulation Resistance Tester Meter ZC11D-10

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Insulation Resistance Tester Meter ZC11D-10 is required in use away from magnetic fields placed horizontally. 2500V resistance megger megohmmeter is as insulating Determination may be the ends of the analytes are connected respectively on the two terminals of the “ground” and “line” at rated speed rotating cranks, the resistance value can be measured. This ZC11D10 insulation ohmmeter is applicable to measure the insulation resistance of motors, cables, transformers, electronic components, home appliances and other electric devices, as well as the insulation measurement of resistance wire's strain gauge.

Features Of Insulation Megohm Tester Megger Megohmmeter ZC11D10:

  • Use of conditions: temperature -25 ~ + 40 relative humidity less than 80%.
  • The nominal speed of the cranks: 150r / min.
  • Length of the arc of the scale: approximately 80mm.
  • Tilt effect: when the instrument from the horizontal position to any direction inclined to 5, The instrument allows the amount of changes to 50% of the level index.
  • The effects of the external magnetic field: When the external magnetic field reaches 100% kA / m, the instrument allows to change a quantity of the level index.
  • The outer magnetic field effect: when the external magnetic field to 0.4kA / m, the instrument allows to change an amount of 100% of the level index.

Specifications Of High-Quality Insulation Resistance Meter ZC11D 10:

  1. Rated voltage (V): 2500
  2. Rated voltage tolerance: 10%
  3. Measuring range of M Europe: 0-2500
  4. Precision: 20
  5. M Europe: 30
  6. Relative Humidity: ≤80%RH
  7. Operating Environment: -25ºC~40ºC
  8. Working Position: horizontal
  9. Rated Rocking Speed: 150rpm
  10. Gross Weight: ≤11kg
  11. Dimensions: 215×135×130mm
  12. Weight: approx. 1.5kg

Operation And Use:

  1. The instrument is required in use away from the horizontally placed magnetic fields.
  2. Since the determination of the insulation can be that the ends of the analytes are respectively connected to the two terminals of the "floor" and "line" at the nominal speed, the resistance value can be measured.
  3. Make the communication test, termination measured "line" to the good contact with the "floor" column.
  4. Causing the insulation of the core cable housing to be measured in addition to testing both ends respectively connected to the "ground" and the "line" outside the two terminals, the inner insulation layer between the core of the housing and then the "protection ring" cable,
  5. The table of insulation resistance when not in use should be placed in a stationary cabinet, the room temperature should not be too cold or too hot, should not have put in the dirt, wet the floor and avoid placing it in the air that Contains corrosive effects (such as acids, alkalis and other vapour).
  6. We must try to avoid intense and long-term vibration, so that the tip of the head shaft and the gems damage and affect the indication of the scale.
  7. The connection of 3 cables between the terminal and the measured object can not be run aground, it must be connected separately, it will not affect the poor insulation of the reading.
  8. Make the measurements before and after the analyte should completely discharge to protect the equipment and personal safety.
  9. Lightning or close equipment with high voltage conductor avoids the use of the measured insulation resistance meter only when the device is not charged and is not possible by another induction of energy charged before.
  10. Rotate the handle gradually and slowly, as the pointer shook vigorously zero, it is not allowed to continue avoiding damage to the coil.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x 2500V Insulation Resistance Tester Meter ZC11D-10

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