13.56Mhz UID Changeable MF 1K S50 NFC Bracelet RFID Wristband

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Works exactly like the MF 1K, with 16 Sectors and 4 Blocks each Sector, but the Sector 0 Block Zero known as Manufacturers Block where the Chip UID is stored, can be re programmed to any UID you wish. This is a perfect solution for a lost irreplaceable- Cards ID, you don't need to re-enroll new cards. Just program this new MF 1K's UID to the UID of lost card then you have a new Exactly the same card.


Frequency: 13.56 MHz

Protocol: ISO14443A

Capacity: 1k bytes EEPROM memory Rewrite Times: 100,000 times

Modulation: ASK Manchester

coding Read Distance: 0 ~ 10 cm(depends on the Reader) Material:

Silicone Color: black,blue,red,green

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