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UNI-T UT285A 3 phase Power Quality Analyzer

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UNI-T UT285A 3 phase Power Quality Analyzer In Pakistan

UT285A is a new product specially designed for power quality analysis. It adopts latest microprocessor technology and digital signal processing technology, which can provide safer, more convenient, and more accurate measurement as well as troubleshoot power supply network.


  1. Conforms to the IEC standard and GB series of national power quality standards.
  2. The accuracy of power quality conforms to DL/T1028-2006 Verification Regulationof Power Quality Testing and Analysis Instrument.
  3. 85~400V AC power supply or built-in lithiumbatteries.
  4. Automatically capture various events. Threshold setting, detailed triggerwaveform and event feature record.
  5. Transient data recording, interval setting. Maximum, minimum and average valuesaving.
  6. Offline task setting, and advanced multiple task information andcontent of different testing points setting.
  7. Chinese-English keyboard can help to write down information of monitoring points more conveniently. Easy dial wheel operation.
  8. Auto range.
  9. Standard computer client power quality analysis platform provides excellent follow-up analysis function.


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Nona - March 26, 2021

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