INGCO 86 Pcs accessories set HKTAC010861
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INGCO 86 Pcs accessories set HKTAC010861

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Features of INGCO 86 Pcs accessories set HKTAC010861:

  1. 86 Pcs accessories set
  2. Include:
  3. 5pcs masonry drill bits:4mm,5mm,6mm,8mm,10mm
  4. 15pcs HSS twist drill bits:
  5. 1mm,1.5mm,2mm,2.5mm,3mm,3.5mm,4mm,4.5mm,5mm,5.5mm,6mm,7mm,8mm,9mm,10mm
  6. 5pcs wood twist drill bits:4mm,5mm,6mm,8mm,10mm
  7. 40pcs 25mm length screwdriver bits:
  8. PH0/1/2/2/3/4 H3/4/5/6 PZ0/1/2/2/3/4 HT3/4/5/6
  9. T10/15/20/25/30/40 M6 SP8 TW3 TS8 SL3/4/5/6 S1/2/3 TT15/20/25
  10. 1pcs bits holder
  11. 1pcs drill bits diameter gauge
  12. 3pcs wood flat drill bits:16mm,20mm,25mm
  13. 1pcs 12mm Countersink
  14. 1pcs mini spirit level
  15. 1pcs snap-off blade knife
  16. 10pcs 1/4" sockets:4mm,5mm,6mm,7mm,8mm, 9mm,10mm,11mm,12mm,13mm
  17. 1pcs 4-6 adaptor
  18. 1pcs ratchet handle
  19. 1pcs 3m measuring tape
  20. Packed by BMC

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