Digital Oscilloscope UNI T UTD2102CEX

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An oscilloscope is a laboratory instrument commonly used to display and analyze the waveform of electronic signals. In effect, the device draws a graph of the instantaneous signal voltage as a function of time. A typical oscilloscope can display alternating current (AC) or pulsating direct current (DC) waveforms having a frequency as low as approximately 1 hertz (Hz) or as high as several megahertz (MHz). The waveform can then also be analyzed for properties such as amplitude, frequency, rise time, time interval, distortion, and others.


  1. Channels: 2
  2. Bandwidth: 100 MHz
  3. Sample Rate: 1GS/s
  4. Rise Time: ≤ 3.5ns
  5. Memory Depth: 25 kpts
  6. Waveform Acquisition Rate: ≥ 2000 wfms/s
  7. Vertical Sensitivity: 1mV ~ 20V/div
  8. Time-Based Range: 2ns/div ~ 50s/div
  9. Storage: Setup, Wave, Bitmap
  10. Trigger Modes: Edge, Pulse, Alternate
  11. Interfaces: USB OTG

General Characteristics:

  1. Power: 100 - 240V AC RMS, 45Hz - 440Hz
  2. Display: 7 Inches 64K Color TFT LCD (800 x 480)
  3. Product Color: White and Grey
  4. Product Net Weight: 2.2 kg
  5. Product Size: 306mm x 147mm x 122mm

Package Include:

1x Oscilloscope UNI-T UTD2102CEX

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